Fastbolt at FiDA 2023

18. Sep 2023
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On 13 September, 2023 we participated in the FiDA fair. The FiDA (Find your apprenticeship) is an apprenticeship fair where different companies present themselves. The fair is visited by students in grades 8-13 of the schools in Gronau and Epe. Our goal was to present our company and apprenticeship programme to young people to convince them to start their apprenticeship with us. Our booth was supervised by Melanie, Julia, Jessica, Mustafa, Calvin and Leonie. We had already set up the trade fair walls and roll-ups the day before so that we could start at 8 o’clock. The giveaways, i.e. pens, flashlights, sweets as well as our F2B2s and our flyers were ready and the first students came to our booth. There were always about 300 students at the fair at the same time. We started with the 8th and 9th graders. They then had about two hours to get information at the booths. We briefly introduced the company and the possible apprenticeships and answered open questions from the students. Especially we as apprentices or former apprentices can give students a good insight into the apprenticeship at Fastbolt, because we can share our own experiences as well as reasons for our decision to do an apprenticeship at Fastbolt. Moreover, it is a good exercise for us to speak confidently in front of other people and approach them independently.

We mainly talked about the tasks in the different professions, the advantages of working at Fastbolt, the possibility of an internship abroad and the school subjects and locations. In addition, some of the students were looking for an internship, which we of course offer as well.

After we had conversations with the students, the mentioned giveaways were distributed to them. Especially our F2B2 was very well received.

At 4 pm the fair came to an end and we dismantled everything. All in all, many students were interested in us and we hope to be able to welcome one or two of them for an internship or even an apprenticeship with us.


Leonie, apprentice as merchant in E-Commerce

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