ISO 9001

22. Juil 2021

Once more, we can announce. “We are ISO 9001 certified!”

On 15 June our Dekra surveillance audit in the context of ISO 9001 took place and was a complete success. Accompanied and coordinated by Dietmar Gerling, our quality officer, our purchasing department, and our quality control, where our incoming goods are inspected and any product complaint are reviewed, were in the center of this year’s audit. Our customers contributed to this success by participating in our customer satisfaction survey and by being our guide, eye-opener and optimization consultant at the same time.

We are grateful for the valuable remarks, which help us continue to “deliver” and further improve our well known Fastbolt quality. We are proud to be ISO 9001 certified for another year and will continue to align our acitivities with you and your needs as our customers in order to further optimize our services provided.

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