FBonline Webinars

19. Jan 2021

FBonline Webinars start

FBonline provides our customers with the opportunity, to place orders fast and easily. To ensure maximum benefit to our customers, we have started to offer webinars on FBonline since December.

In our webinars, the FB sales person in charge of your account and one of our e-commerce specialists provide valuable knowledge. Basically, there are three webinar-modules: Basic-webinars, for FBonline starters, Advanced-webinars, for the more experienced FBonline-users and Pro-webinars, for experienced “experts” who we can still show some smart tricks to make everything “better than best”.

Our customers can participate with as many employees as they want. The webinar is held through our own videoconferencing tool FBconference, so there is no need for additional software. As a bonus, participants receive an additional discount (DIGIBoost) of 2% on all orders in FBonline in the quarter after the webinar.

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