Baltic Sea Circle 2019 – German Old School

20. Fév 2019

Next Saturday our sales manager Torsten Bocho will start with his team “German Old School” at the “Baltic Sea Circle 2019”. This is a charity rally and in 16 days about 7,500km are driven through 10 countries. In a Youngtimer it goes without GPS and navigation from Hamburg over Denmark, Sweden, Norway up to the North Cape. From there via Finland to St. Petersburg, the Baltic States and Poland back to the finish in Hamburg.

As much as Torsten Bocho and his co-pilot Marcus Herrmann personally looking forward to this adventure, they also would like to use this occasion as an opportunity to raise awareness and money around a charity project and they need you in on this! They have decided to support a charity called “Ambulantes Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Halle” (Ambulant Children and Youth Hospice Halle). The charity offers support and services to adults, young people and children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

Via FBonline we will keep you up to date on the rally and regularly provide updates and pictures.

Those who would like to support the two and their charity project can use the following donation link:


The money goes directly to the “Ambulant Children and Youth Hospice Halle”.

More pictures and information about the exact route can be found on Facebook as well as Findpenguins. There the exact route can be tracked.


LIVE GPS TRACKING (on the right under Teams select # 7 “German Old School”)

Every Euro counts! Thanks for your support!

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