Start of apprenticeship at Fastbolt

11. Août 2023

The preparations had been going on for a while already when the day finally came – 1 August, start of the new apprenticeship year at Fastbolt for two young people. At 8 o’clock we welcomed Leonie and Zaki in our conference room and presented them with their welcome packages.


Leonie starts her apprenticeship to become a merchant in E-Commerce, Zaki follows an apprenticeship to become a merchant in wholesale and foreign trade management. After a short presentation about Fastbolt, the two were taken on a tour through the buidling – including the warehouse of course. Even though both Leonie and Zaki follow an administrative apprenticeship, they will both get to know our warehouse as well.

After the tour of the company, meeting lots of new people and learning new names, Leonie and Zaki were brought to their desks in their first departments and could settle in.

After the first week of their apprenticeship, school started: first day of school, class division and the first actual day of professional school. Together with other apprentices they will learn the basics of practical work in the office on two days a week.

We wish Leonie and Zaki a lot of fun during their apprenticeship and look forward to accompany their developments in the next three years.

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